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Homeowners are buzzing about BuildZoom, a new tool which helps consumers locate locally licensed contractors to assist with various aspects of home remodeling projects. BuildZoom’s database contains information each one of the millions of licensed contractors located throughout the United States. Their database can be searched using keywords from contractor profiles which include government information provided by local state licensing boards, consumer driven ranking and reviews from consumer advocacy groups, and reviews from actual customers.

Consumers are able to use BuildZoom to find out if a contractor actually carries a license, what type of license they carry, the date the license was granted, if the license was ever suspended, if complaints have been filed against them, and more. The information provided will depend on the licensing state’s requirements. This data is already public information, but BuildZoom makes it easy to find and sort through.

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In an effort to appeal to a wider range of homeowners, BuildZoom is not using the “pay for use” model utilized by the competition. Both homeowners and contractors will have unlimited access to search the database and consumer reviews. Contractors can claim their profiles in the database at no charge to post photos of their work and customize the information provided to homeowners. BuildZoom plans to offer advertising and website design services to contractors for a fee.

BuildZoom’s website has a dedicated Question & Answer section where real homeowners can get advice about home remodeling from actual contractors who participate in the forum. Through well formulated answers, contractors can show the homeowners how knowledgeable they are on given topics, provide insight on the best way to do the job, and make a lasting great first impression. Some answers may lead to the contractor being hired by the homeowner which will encourage contractors to actively participate and interact in a positive way with potential customers.

BuildZoom has attracted approximately 20,000 unique visitors each day, on average. The site reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers and contractors monthly. Thousands of contractors claim their BuildZoom profile each month. Consumers throughout the country now have access to visit BuildZoom’s website and search the database for locally licensed contractors using their zip code, review actual customer feedback, and get advice directly from the contractors.