Why hire Doc Thompson Plumbing for Grease Trap & Interceptor Installation and Repair in Columbus, Ohio?

Information on Grease Traps
Regulations and Costs

While installing a grease trap tank above or below ground level does take time and energy, there are other items to consider, which can include receiving approval from various authorities. Other items can include:

1. Modifying venting and drainage to work with the new grease trap
2. Installation of two Backflow Prevention Devices
3. Installation of basket traps, basket strainers or solid basket traps

Doc Thompson Plumbing will provide customers in Columbus, Ohio, with trustworthy quotes as to the work that needs to be done. Although there may be an unexpected cost because of unforeseen circumstances, prices are designed to forecast complete costs.

Although each property is different in terms of overall layouts, we are able to install a number of different types of grease taps. Some grease traps that have been installed are below ground level, and other grease traps are above ground level and located behind kitchen walls. Whatever the situation may be, professionals at Doc Thompson Plumbing keeps customers up to date on work that is done.

Whether a business owner chooses to hire the Doc Thompson Plumbing team, it is important to note that it is necessary to have an experienced plumber to address grease trap needs. Reasons for having a qualified plumber are as follows:

1. A plumber who does not understand the rules and regulations concerning grease trap installation can easily install a grease trap incorrectly. It is important to note that such a unit cannot become operational until an inspector has approved it. A company can lose thousands of dollars as well as additional costs because of a grease trap that was not installed properly.

2. An inexperienced plumber may have a recommendation of a grease trap unit that can be okay for a facility. However, the recommended unit may not be the best fit in terms of size, price or quality. A small change can lead to savings over the years and help the bottom line of a business.

3. A grease trap that is the wrong size and fit can prove to be disastrous. When an incorrect unit is installed, it may have to be replaced at the worst time possible. A proper unit could have been installed for a few thousand dollars more. Perhaps the benefits of a more expensive unit were not discussed before installation began..