Three Reasons to call Doc Thompson Plumbing for your Commercial Water Heater Service in Columbus and Gahanna, Ohio

For 60 years, Doc Thompson Plumbing has been installing both residential and commercial water heating systems in and around Columbus, Ohio. Though the installation or repair of a water heater may seem like a simple procedure, that is not always the case. Water heaters need to be carefully selected in order to make certain that the heater will be able to provide sufficient hot water for a building’s needs. This can be an especially important consideration in a commercial building where the water may be needed to meet business demands. Due to the important of commercial water heating, there are three primary reasons to choose an experienced commercial water heating business, such as Doc Thompson Plumbing.

Energy Efficiency

Commercial water heating systems require more than just a commercial water heater. Heating systems need to be designed to meet the needs of the business in the most efficient way possible. Simply buying a large tank is not a good solution as it can result in wasted energy as it may heat more water than the business needs. Choosing an efficient system may require a range of different choices should as the installation of multiple tanks, the use of instant heaters or other devices. In fact, not all commercial systems even need a commercial tank. In some cases, a standard residential heater is what is needed to best meet the water usage needs of the business.

Planning for Expansion

In addition to setting up a system to meet the needs of a business, commercial building water heater systems should also be installed with the future in mind. As a business grows, it is likely that more hot water will be needed. To meet future demands, systems should be designed in a manner that will allow for easy installation of more or larger tanks in the future.

Code Compliance

In addition to getting a system that will provide the needed water in an efficient manner, it is important for a business to have a commercial water heating system installed by an experienced company that will install the system according to the local building code. Failing to comply with the building code can result in substantial fines for a business, especially if the code violation results in an injury to an employee or customer.

From installation to maintenance and repair, here at Doc Thompson Plumbing we have the skills and experience to make certain that a commercial system is setup and operating properly..